By Materahub 

The mentor is usually someone seen as an advisor or a coach who helps you grow your skills, providing advices, guidance and feedback, sharing his expertise and experience, offering encouragement and support to try new things, helping young people move out from their comfort zones, celebrating their success, and teach them how to make better decisions, to gain new perspectives on their life and career, and act as a role model for them. 

In the last few years, the role of the mentor become very important in the creative and cultural sector, the enhancement of cultural and creativity skills as a perfect vehicle to achieve social inclusion helped to develop future talents and shift the industry’s view of the world into something much broader and inclusive, in this way mentors offer to young people the chance to connect with other professionals in the fields, to get some valuable experience and enhance their personal career. To guarantee more resilient societies in the post-covid era the creativity and culture, the learning opportunities and the mentorship programs play an important and active role for the young people’s employability, promoting new creative and inclusive projects according to the European Goals and his values. In this context is placed the YES C+C Erasmus+ Project working on the development of a training program for adult learners to help them enhance and strength their creative, cultural and innovative skills to find job opportunities in the sector, at the same time, they will be supported by mentors who will be trained during a training week in Spain. In this way the mentoring activity is going to promote diversity and social inclusion allowing people to learn from one another, providing a path to knowledge transfer.

Mentoring helps to explore new possibilities and insights into how to chart a career path and connections for future employment, therefore, being a mentor is an important development and learning experience, it is about teaching others knowledge, skills, competences, expertise gained during life and the work, and the most important aspect is that to be a mentor is contributing to the creative sector and his growth. Usually mentors are valid communicators to guide and prepare the young people to build a strong and exciting career in the creative sector by supporting them to develop their awareness and skills potential, to improve their digital and creative competences needed in the field; this can be a mutual exchange as mentors will also increase their competences in the assessment of learners’ skills and in teaching creative and innovative skills, this is one of the objectives of  YES C+C project thank to the collaboration of an expert partnership. 

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