Between the 6th and 10th of June, 2022, the Yes C+C mentoring team met in Alicante, Spain with the aim of working on the didactic methodology when implementing the project. The meeting was hosted by Jose María Pallarés and Silvana Ruipérez from Fundación Mediterráneo, lead project partner.

The mentors from each organization had the opportunity to work in a participative way on the mentoring guide, the virtual learning platform and the resources that will be used to develop the training with the project participants. During the week of work, experiences developed by each organization in their local area were exchanged with the aim of enriching the different options when implementing the project in a practical and productive way.

The mentors also had the opportunity to learn about experiences of cultural and creative initiatives in Alicante, visiting “La LLum” space of the Fundación Mediterráneo, visiting also EDUSI project, in Cigarreras, the Europe Direct Point CV in Alicante and they had the opportunity to do a visit guided with ESATUR, member of Local Action Group.

For participation in this project, please contact from Fundación Mediterráneo (SPAIN), representing Center for Knowledge Management (MACEDONIA), of Materahub (ITALY),, CAI (PORTUGAL), or from Bennohaus – Arbeitskreis Ostviertel (GERMANY).

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